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Kim Eng Yeo Watercolors

About My Paintings

My Watercolors

Kim Eng Yeo's Watercolors

I am a realist painter who draws inspiration from Nature and seeks its' essence in my paintings. I paint because I believe art should be a part of our everyday lives and that an appreciation of it, is necessary for our survival. Very much like breathing.

Flowering plants whether in their natural habitat or in cultivated Gardens, fascinate and stir my imagination. It was never my intention to be focused primarily on flowers as a subject. Some of my earlier watercolors were of weeds and wildflowers, as I was drawn to their tenacity for survival. As my interest in gardening grew, I learned more about flowering plants. At the same time I felt a need to record the vibrancy of this world of Flora.

My watercolors begin with these elusive moments in time, when I sense a feeling of heightened visual awareness. These moments are what my paintings are about.

About My Method

I am an artist who works primarily with transparent watercolors and my technique relies on having control over brush, water and color. Most of my paintings begin with detailed pencil drawings of my subjects. I do not use black or white paint, so accuracy is important in rendering details of highlight or shadow. When possible, I prefer to sketch and paint from life, whether indoors or outdoors.

My watercolor studies and sketches of flowers are botanically accurate as they serve as references when painting my large watercolors. In these large pieces, of approximately 30 x 50", I select the details for a composition before beginning the drawing. For these I use photographs as well as sketches to work with as a reference. It is during this process of selecting the shapes and studying the patterns created by light on colors and shadows that I discover a harmony or rhythm within the scene.

This is in essence what I look for, to create in my watercolors. A sense of place and timelessness.